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Parola misteriosa, affascinante e concreta allo stesso tempo. Se ne erano accorti anche i Romani: tra le rovine di Pompei è stato rintracciato questo “quadrato magico”: in qualsiasi senso lo leggiate, vi trovate sempre scritto: “Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas”: il seminatore Arepo regge a fatica l’aratro. Ma chi era Arepo? Forse un po’ tutti noi…  Sator, acronimo anche di di Scienza, Arte, Tecnica: Orizzonti e Ricerche

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To live the present with passion. To work with patient perseverance and make the seed sprout, never mind if we have been the sowers or not, but confident that our seed, one day, will bear fruit, maybe thanks to others’ care. Never give up building bridges for others, but diligently acknowledge those bridges built by others, perhaps for us.

In synthesis, this is the mission of our Association.
The word “Sator” itself (meaning sower in latin) embodies the optimism of those who do not waste greedily what could give fruit tomorrow, and carries the mystery of those who plan the future to fully live the present, yet knowing that the future will depend only in minimal part on their little strength. Since ever, the sower hesitantly carries his plough (‘tenet opera rotas’) with the conscious acceptance that sometimes it can defy all his efforts.
The word “SATOR” hides also, mysteriously as in a seed, other words: Science, Art, Technology. These have always Oriented the humanity in its Research: some times along paths converging toward one universal Wisdom; some other turning the paths one against the other, unnaturally, and causing a crisis of the culture, or even its self-destruction.
By contrast, we strive for the construction of a harmonious Knowledge, though we feel just as the
stonecutters extracting blocks of marble for a Gothic cathedral. We are conscious to be as crucial as the great architects who planned the works, but we are also aware that we will be completely useless without the humility to put ourselves at the service of a project which we must trust, even if we are not able to understand it in its whole complexity.

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